Brewery Visit: Vanish Brewing


IMG_20170617_191402There are a few different types of breweries I’ve been to and here’s the breakdown from my experience

  1. the no-frills, industrial park garage with brewing equipment and a bar – no food, echo-y, bare.
  2. a bigger industrial park garage that has some interior design thought put into it. always a food truck around.
  3. the brewery/gastropub that brews their beer in house and serves “enlightened” pub fare via their kitchen and chef.
  4. the farmhouse brewery that stretches across acres of land in a rural area.  Think: winery but for beer.

Vanish Brewing in Lucketts, VA is brewery type #4.  I had the chance to check out Vanish Brewing a few weeks ago and what a great experience.  From the beer, to the multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, the farm itself, live music, the bbq and pizza – this place had it all.

The Beer

Sometimes, these breweries spend all their time on the facility and their beer is just ok.  But Vanish had a number of quality selections and some experimental stuff as well to whet any palette.

An enormous flight of beer

They have these enormous flight holders that hold up to 12 beer samples.  The indoor bar area has a large number of picnic tables for some communal seating, arcade games for the kids, and overall it’s nice and airy.  Great decorations with wood, antlers, and other “rustic” kind of design choices.  It does get loud though since it’s quite cavernous.

For me, beer standouts include the Fat Boys DIPA, Lucketts Calling IPA, Juicy Tangerine White, and the Next Big Thing Chardonnay Saison.


The Lucketts Calling and Tangerine White were their takes on the new soft, hazy, juicy IPA trend while the Fat Boys was a really drinkable, big hop flavored DIPA that was well balanced.

Their Next Big Thing was a huge 15% ABV saison aged in chardonnay barrels, giving it a nice, light, tangy, sour edge on the saison.  Was afraid of the 15% but it’s not detectable!  Really good stuff.

The Space

Their bar area is massive and is divided into 2 sections that you can get flights or pints.  Tons of bartenders on the Saturday I went so it wasn’t hard to get a beer.  A large chalkboard displays about 10-12 selections of beer, ranging from pale ales to sours to stouts to beer cocktails.  Like I said, something for everyone.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are about 5 different outdoor spots you can roam around.  There is one giant covered area with cornhole, more tables, and a live music area.  There is another barn-type house with a smaller bar.  There are 3 patios attached to the main indoor bar area with picnic tables.  All the spaces have great views of the Shenandoah mountains.

A word about kids and I know this is a controversial topic: this brewery welcomes them – in hordes.  On a nice sunny Saturday, there were kids everywhere.  Which is fine – most of the parents were watching them and most cleared out by 5-6PM (responsible!)  But for those of you that don’t want to mess with kids, come later in the day.

The Food

In the back of the main area, they have a BBQ station and a woodfired pizza station.  The BBQ is smoked onsite and includes ribs, pork, brisket as well as bar munchies like a giant stack of nachos for $25 (claimed to be 5 lbs of food), pretzels, and beer cheese.   There also cake and pie.  We had pretzels and cake and it was delicious.

Pretzels and beer!
Who said cake doesn’t go with beer?

The pizza looked great too and was made to order in that woodfired oven and also looked great.  What’s even better is that the payment system is connected between these stations and the bar so it simplifies paying for things!


Overall, had a great time at Vanish.  Great beer and food, awesome space to relax and quietly have a beer, play some yard games, and listen to music.  Definitely check it out as a nice day trip out to the Shenandoah or after hiking or something.



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